Contest: Design an interactive installation for the Kindermuziektuin

Music at the Dommel is an Eindhoven outdoor classical music festival that takes place on June 6-7 2015.

The theme is sun / solar. The Kindermuziektuin (childrens’ musical garden) is part of the program on Sunday, June 7th. Children under 12 years of knowledge dealing with music at various music -oriented games, assignments and activities. The connection music – art – education – innovation is a core objective of Music at the Dommel



The Contest

Create a idea, Design and realize for the Kindermuziektuin an interactive installation for kids.

It should take into account the following core values:

– Classical music , accessible and attractive to the target group

– Sun / solar

– Interactive and educational

– Target population: children aged 6 to 12 years

– Suitable for outdoor use !

– Technical realistic

– Sustainable / reusable

The implementation is in our opinion more completely free. Enter to win a paid job !


Are you the creative designer , designer or artist and interested ? Sign up no later than February 20, 2015 through this form . Here we expect a short motivation and portfolio. Based on this submission a committee makes a preselection . Then we assign up to five interested parties to create a design sketch including a budget of € 100 per party. On the basis of the proposals one designer will be chosen by the committee. A production budget of € 2,000 is available .

The remainder of the procedure will be communicated via email .

Questions or comments ? You can send a email to: .


Signup : February 20, 2015

Publication participants design sketch : February 22, 2015

Design Sketch : March 15, 2015

Publication designer paid assignment : March 20, 2015

Installation: May 15, 2015


Muziek op de Dommel

Muziek op de Dommel has a broad program for all ages and, in 2014 Muziek op de dommel attracted more than 12,000 visitors . With a main stage in the river Dommel on the TU / e campus , you will find it right in the technical heart of Eindhoven, and moreover in a green environment ! Connections between technology and music are therefore made ​​aware . In 2015, the sun, solar energy, as a source of inspiration for the festival.


Central to the Kindermuziektuin, there will be this coming edition a life-sized sundial that once the function of musical play ( all these children also receive as kit in miniature version to take home ) . In addition, children can try out musical instruments, there ‘s music memory in the trees, they can by sunlight just focusing hear music from around the world, there is a DJ workshop classically is cool and there are various performances and other hands-on activities for children. With help and support from Eindhoven musical and cultural institutions and companies.